CONTA (COmputer Networks & Telematics Applications) is a research, training, development and consulting laboratory at the University of Macedonia (, Thessaloniki, GREECE.

The CONTA lab activities include:
  • Research on E-Learning, Networking Technologies & Techno-Economics
  • Digital Skills (e-Skills) and Advanced ICT Teaching, Training & Assessment,
  • Knowledge Transfer, Consulting & Mentoring,
  • User Studies (Needs, Experiences) & Market Analysis,
  • Dissemination & Communication,
  • European projects

The CONTA lab can offer research expertise on:

  • E-Learning (adaptive, personalized, mobile learning & assessment, learning analytics, MOOCs, affective and motivational learning & assessment),
  • User Acceptance (Intention to Use, Adoption, Attitude etc.) and Evaluation (Quality of Experience, Usability etc.) of IoT Smart Systems, Services and Applications,
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless and Mobile Networking, Network Sharing & Virtualization,
  • Smart Mobile Applications on e-Tourism, e-Culture, e-Enjoyment, e-Government, etc.
  • Techno-Economics & Competition.

Some recent research projects conducted by the CONTA laboratory are the following:

Adaptive Testing & Assessment:
Adaptive & personalized feedback in computer-based assessment, affective / emotional/ motivational–based assessment, Project/ Problem/ Inquiry –based assessment, Acceptance & Adoption of computer-based assessment systems.

Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for intelligent feedback in MOOCs:
Temporal learning analytics for personalized recommendation and feedback in MOOCs.

Mobile-based Assessment:
Students’ Motivation in authentic/outdoors/workplace formal and informal learning, Acceptance of ubiquitous & mobile assessment methods.

User Acceptance and Evaluation of ICT Systems, Services and Applications:

User acceptance (intention to use, adoption, attitude, satisfaction, enjoyment, etc.) as well evaluation (quality of experience, usability, etc.) of ICT systems, services and applications.

Mobile and Wireless Networking:
Optimization and management of wireless networks, demand analysis,  selfish routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks, sensor networking for environmental monitoring, game-theoretic routing in wireless sensor networks.

Security in Communication Networks:
Networking security methods and tools combining game-theoretic models with visual analytic technologies aimed at safeguarding the network operation.

Techno-economics & Competition:
Evaluation of ICT techno-economics, investment justification, cost/benefit analysis, pricing and economic impact of ICT systems and services.
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