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Introduction to E-Commerce (Definitions, Principles, Framework and Content, Benefits and Limitations), Business Plans, E-Commerce Models, E-Market Places (Structure, Mechanisms, Types), Intermediation, E-Catalogs, E-Auctions, E-Bargaining, E-Markets.

E-Retailing, Business to Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce, E-Retailing Business Models, E-Tourism, E-Banking, E-Recruiting, E-Insurance, E-Entertainment, E-Publishing etc.

Consumer Behavior, E-Market Research, E-Customer Relationship, E-Customer Service, Internet Marketing, E-Advertisement (Methods, Strategies, Agents). Business to Business (B2B) E-Commerce (Principles, Characteristics, Models), One-to-Many, Auctions, Agents in B2B. Public Exchanges B2B and Portals.

E-Government (Models, Objectives, Framework, Guidelines, Budget, Interoperability, Standards, etc.), E-Learning, Knowledge Management, E-Libraries. Mobile Commerce, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

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