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Books on Network Technologies

  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
    Addison Wesley; 4 edition (10 May 2007)
    ISBN: 0321497708
  • Computer Networks and Internets, with Internet Applications (4th Edition) by Douglas E. Comer, Ralph E. Droms
    Prentice Hall; (2004)
    ASIN: B000NW4CK4
  • Computer Networks, Fourth Edition by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
    Prentice Hall PTR; 4 edition (August 19, 2002)
    ISBN: 0130661023
  • Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, 4th Edition by Larry L. Peterson, Bruce S. Davie
    Morgan Kaufmann; 4 edition (March 22, 2007)
    ISBN: 0123705487
  • Data and Computer Communications, 8th Edition by William Stallings
    Prentice Hall; 8 edition (August 12, 2006)
    ISBN: 0132433109
  • Introduction to Transmission Systems, Pots, ISDN, DLC, DSL, OCX Systems and Technologies by Lawrence J. Harte
    Althos; (January 2004)
    ISBN: 097427870X
  • Network Analysis, Architecture and Design by James D. McCabe
    Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann; 3 edition (June 15, 2007)
    ISBN: 0123704804
  • Telecommunications Technology Handbook by Daniel Minoli
    Artech House Publishers, 2 edition (September 2003)
    ISBN: 1580535283
  • Computer Networks: Principles, Technologies and Protocols for Network Design by Natalia Olifer, Victor Olifer
    John Wiley & Sons (18 Nov 2005)
    ISBN: 0470869828
  • Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures by Alberto Leon-Garcia, Indra Widjaja
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 2 edition (1 Aug 2003)
    ISBN: 007246352X
  • Computer Networks and Internets by Douglas E. Comer
    Pearson Education; 4 edition (4 Sep 2003)
    ISBN: 013123627X
  • IPv6 : Theory, Protocol, and Practice by Peter Loshin
    Morgan Kaufmann; 2 edition (30 Jan 2004)
    ISBN: 1558608109
  • IPv6 Essentials by Silvia Hagen
    O'Reilly Media Inc; 2 edition (17 May 2006)
    ISBN: 0596100582
  • Deploying IPv6 Networks by Ciprian Popoviciu, Eric Levy-Adegnoli, Patrick Grossetete *
    Cisco Press; 1 edition (2 Mar 2006)
    ISBN: 1587052105

Local Area Networks (LANs)

  • Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (6th Edition) by William Stallings
    Prentice Hall; 6th edition (April 15, 2000)
    ISBN: 0130129399
  • Local Area Networks (3rd Edition) by David A. Stamper
    Pearson Education; 3 edition (January 15, 2000)
    ISBN: 0130183776
  • Local Area Networks by Patrick Regan
    Prentice Hall; 1st edition (2 May, 2003)
    ISBN: 0130465771
  • Local Area Networks with CD-ROM by Gerd Keiser
    McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 2 edition (November 29, 2001)
    ISBN: 0071131159
  • Local Area Networks: A Business-Oriented Approach (2nd Edition) by James E. Goldman, Phillip T. Rawles
    John Wiley & Sons; 2 edition (February 3, 2000)
    ISBN: 0471330477
  • Local Area Networks by Peter Hodson
    Thomson Learning; 2 edition (26 Dec 2002)
    ISBN: 0826458661
  • High Speed LAN Technology Handbook by Dhiman D. Chowdhury
    Springer (9 May 2000)
    ISBN: 3540665978
  • Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution by Benny Bing (Editor)
    Wiley-Interscience; 1st edition (June 15, 2002)
    ISBN: 047122474X
  • Local Area Networks by Behrouz A. Forouzan
    McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (2002)
    ISBN: 0070486662
  • A Guide to Designing and Implementing Local and Wide Area Networks by Michael J. Palmer, Bruce Sinclair
    Course Technology Inc; 2nd Revised edition (7 Nov 2002)
    ISBN: 061912122X


  • Computer Networking and the Internet by Fred Halsall
    Addison Wesley; 5 edition (27 Jan 2005)
    ISDN: 0321263588
  • Internetworking Technologies Handbook, Fourth Edition by Cisco Systems, ILSG Cisco Systems
    Cisco Press; 4th edition (August 15, 2003)
    ISBN: 1587051192
  • Internetworking Troubleshooting Handbook (2nd Edition) by Inc. Cisco Systems, Cisco Systems Inc.
    Pearson Education; 2nd edition (February 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 1587050056
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP: v. 1 by Douglas E. Comer
    Prentice Hall; 5 edition (3 Aug 2005)
    ISBN: 0131876716
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. III Client-Server Programming and Applications-Windows Sockets Version v.3 by Douglas E. Comer, David L. Stevens
    Prentice Hall; US edition (10 Oct 2000)
    ISBN: 0130320714
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.1: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture (4th Edition) by Douglas E. Comer
    Prentice Hall; 4th edition (January 18, 2000)
    ISBN: 0130183806

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

  • Introduction to Wide Area Networks: Protocols and Applications for Network to Network Connectivity (West Net Signature Series) by Kenneth Reed
    Westnet Learning; 5 Pap/Cdr edition (Sep 2003)
    ISBN: 1586761447
  • QoS in Wide Area Networks by Uyless Black
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (January 15, 2000)
    ISBN: 0130264970
  • Wide Area Networks by Patrick Regan
    Prentice Hall; 1st edition (July 24, 2003)
    ISBN: 013046578X
  • Wide-Area Data Network Performance Engineering by Robert G. Cole, Ravi Ramaswamy
    Artech House Publishers; 1st edition (2000)
    ISBN: 0890065691

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks

  • A Textbook on ATM Telecommunications: Principles and Implementation by P.S. Neelakanta
    CRC; 1 edition (June 28, 2000)
    ISBN: 084931805X
  • ATM Networks by Sumit Kasera
    McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (August 28, 2006)
    ISBN: 0071477322
  • An Introduction to ATM Networks by Harry G Perros
    John Wiley & Sons; 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 0471498270
  • ATM Networks by Othman Kyas, Gregan Crawford
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (May 15, 2002)
    ISBN: 0130936014
  • ATM Signalling: Protocols and Practice by Hartmut Brandt, Christian Hapke
    John Wiley & Sons; 1 edition (March 1, 2001)
    ISBN: 0471623822
  • ATM Technology and Services Delivery by M. R. Karim
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (February 22, 2000)
    ASIN: 0130851221
  • Converged Network Architectures: Delivering Voice and Data Over IP, ATM, and Frame Relay by Oliver C. Ibe
    Wiley; 1st edition (November 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 0471202509
  • ATM & MPLS Theory & Application: Foundations of Multi-Service Networking by David E. McDysan, Dave Paw
    Osborne/McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (September 26, 2002)
    ISBN: 0072222565
  • Installation and Maintenance of SDH/SONET, ATM, xDSL, and Synchronization Networks by Jose M. Caballero, Francisco Hens, Andreu Guimera
    Artech House Publishers (July 2003)
    ISBN: 1580535259
  • IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks by John Farserotu, Ramjee Prasad, John R. Farserotu
    Artech House Publishers; 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 1580531121
  • ATM Basics: High-Speed Packet Network Operation and Services by Miroslaw Wasniowski
    Althos (March 2004)
    ISBN: 1932813136
  • Broadband Packet Switching Technologies: A Practical Guide to ATM Switches and IP Routers by H. Jonathan Chao, Cheuk H. Lam, Eiji Oki
    Wiley-Interscience; 1st edition (September 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 0471004545
  • Atm and Sonet Basics by George Dobrowski, Don Grise
    Apdg Publishing (January 1, 2001)
    ISBN: 0872887189
  • ATM Interworking in Broadband Wireless Applications by Muthuthamby Sreetharan, Sinavanda Subramaniam
    Artech House Publishers (October 2002)
    ISBN: 1580532853
  • Atm Traffic Management by John B. Kenney
    Prentice Hall; (January 1, 2005)
    ISBN: 0137442858

Optical Networks

  • Designing Storage Area Networks: A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs, Second Edition by Tom Clark
    Addison-Wesley Professional; 2nd edition (March 21, 2003)
    ISBN: 0321136500
  • Fiber Optic Reference Guide by David R. Goff
    Focal Press; 3rd edition (March 15, 2002)
    ISBN: 0240804864
  • Next Generation Optical Networks: The Convergence of IP Intelligence and Optical Technologies by Peter Tomsu, Christian Schmutzer
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (August 27, 2001)
    ISBN: 013028226X
  • Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A: Components (Optics and Photonics) by Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li
    Academic Press; 4 edition (April 15, 2002)
    ISBN: 0123951720
  • Optical Network Design and Implementation by Vivek Alwayn
    Pearson Education; (March 17, 2004)
    ISBN: 1587051052
  • Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective (Second Edition) by Rajiv Ramaswami, Kumar Sivarajan
    Morgan Kaufmann; 2nd edition (October 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 1558606556
  • Optical Network Design and Planning (Optical Networks) by Jane M. Simmon
    Springer; 1 edition (June 2, 2008)
    ISBN: 0387764755
  • Multiwavelength Optical Networks: Architectures, Design, and Control by Thomas E. Stern, Georgios Ellinas, Krishna Bala
    Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (December 8, 2008)
    ISBN: 0521881390
  • Optical Network Control: Architecture, Protocols, and Standards by Greg Bernstein, Bala Rajagopalan, Debanjan Saha
    Addison-Wesley Professional (July 24, 2003)
    ISBN: 0201753014
  • Connection-Oriented Networks: SONET/SDH, ATM, MPLS and Optical Networks by Harry G. Peros
    Wiley; 1 edition (May 6, 2005)
    ISBN: 0470021632

Network Design

  • Introduction to ATM/IP Design and Performance with Applications Analysis Software by J. M. Pitts, J.A. Schormans
    Wiley; 2nd edition (January 31, 2001)
    ISBN: 047149187X
  • Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design, Third Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking) by James D. McCab
    Morgan Kaufmann; 3 edition (June 15, 2007)
    ISBN: 0123704804
  • Top-Down Network Design (2nd Edition) by Priscilla Oppenheimer
    Cisco Press; 2 edition (June 6, 2004)
    ISBN: 1587051524
  • Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks by Michael Pioro, Deepankar Medhi
    Morgan Kaufmann; 1 edition (July 15, 2004)
    ISBN: 0125571895
  • Data Network Design by Darren L. Spohn
    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 3rd edition (September 24, 2002)
    ISBN: 0072193123
  • Design, Measurement and Management of Large-Scale IP Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice by Antonio Nucci, Konstantina Papagiannaki
    Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (December 15, 2008)
    ISBN: 0521880696
  • Simulation of Communication Systems: Modeling, Methodology and Techniques by Michel C. Jeruchim, Philip Balaban, K. Sam Shanmugan
    Springer; 2nd edition (October 31, 2000)
    ISBN: 0306462672

Network Management.

  • Essential SNMP by Douglas Mauro, Kevin Schmidt, Kevin J. Schmidt
    O'Reilly; 1 edition (October 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 0596000200
  • OpenView Network Node Manager: Designing and Implementing an Enterprise Solution by John Blommers
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (September 13, 2000)
    ISBN: 0130198498
  • SNMP at the Edge : Building Effective Service Management Systems by Jonathan Saperia
    McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (June 28, 2002)
    ISBN: 0071396896
  • Network Management Fundamentals by Alexander Clemm
    Cisco Press; 1 edition (December 1, 2006)
    ISBN: 1587201372
  • Automated Network Management Systems by Douglas E. Comer
    Prentice Hall; 1 edition (November 20, 2006)
    ISBN: 0132393085
  • Network Management Know It All by Adrian Farrel
    Morgan Kaufmann; illustrated edition (October 23, 2008)
    ISBN: 0123745985
  • Network Management: Concepts and Practice, A Hands-On Approach by J. Richard Burke
    Prentice Hall (May 10, 2003)
    ISBN: 0130329509
  • Sourcebook of ATM and IP Internetworking by IEEE
    Wiley-IEEE Press; 1 edition (November 19, 2001)
    ISBN: 0471208159

Network Security.

  • Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World (2nd Edition) by Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner
    Prentice Hall PTR; 2 edition (May 2, 2002)
    ISBN: 0130460192
  • Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards (3rd Edition) by William Stallings
    Prentice Hall; 3 edition (July 29, 2006)
    ISBN: 0132380331
  • Implementing Security for ATM Networks by Thomas D. Tarman, Edward L. Witzke
    Artech House Publishers; 1st edition (December 1, 2001)
    ISBN: 1580532934

Future Directions in High Speed Networks

  • High-performance communication networks by Jean Walrand, PravinVaraiya
    Morgan Kaufmann, 2000
    ISBN: 1558605746
  • Broadband Network Architectures: Designing and Deploying Triple-Play Services by Chris Hellberg, Dylan Greene, Truman Boyes
    Prentice Hall PTR; 1 edition (May 11, 2007)
    ISBN: 0132300575
  • Packet Broadband Network Handbook by Haojin Wang
    McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (October 29, 2002)
    ISBN: 0071408371
  • Building Broadband Networks by Marlyn Kember Littman
    CRC; 1 edition (June 3, 2002)
    ISBN: 0849308895
  • Integrated Broadband Networks: TCP/IP, ATM, SDH/SONET, and WDM/Optics by Byeong G. Lee, Wooyune Kim
    Artech House Publishers; 1st edition (April 30, 2002)
    ISBN: 1580531636
  • Dynamic Routing in Broadband Networks by Marco Conte
    Springer; 1 edition (November 30, 2002)
    ISBN: 140207316X
  • Analyzing Broadband Networks by Mark A. Miller
    McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 3rd edition (August 23, 2000)
    ISBN: 0072125322

Wireless and Mobile Networking

  • 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide by Matthew Gast
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.; 2 edition (April 25, 2005)
    ISBN: 0596100523
  • ATM Interworking in Broadband Wireless Applications by Muthuthamby Sreetharan, Sivananda Subramaniam
    Artech House Publishers; (October 1, 2002)
    ISBN: 1580532853
  • High-Speed Wireless Atm and Lans by Benny Bing
    Artech House Publishers; (January 1, 2000)
    ISBN: 1580530923
  • IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks by John Farserotu, Ramjee Prasad, John R. Farserotu
    Artech House Publishers; 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
    ISBN: 1580531121
  • Mobile IPv6 : Mobility in a Wireless Internet by Hesham Soliman
    Pearson Education; (April 5, 2004)
    ISBN: 0201788977
  • Wireless Mesh Networks by Gilbert Held
    Auerbach Publications; 1 edition (June 23, 2005)
    ISBN: 0849329604
  • WCDMA: Towards IP Mobility and Mobile Internet by Tero Ojanpera, Ramjee Prasad
    Artech House Publishers (February 2001)
    ISBN: 1580531806
  • Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications by Shinsuke Hara, Ramjee Prasad
    Artech House Publishers (June 2003)
    ISBN: 1580534821
  • Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Principles, Protocols and Applications by Subir Kumar Sarkar, T.G. Basavaraju, C. Puttamadappa
    Auerbach Publications; 1 edition (October 26, 2007)
    ISBN: 1420062212
  • Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks: Theory and Applications by Xiang-Yang Li
    Cambridge University Press (June 30, 2008)
    ISBN: 0521865239
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